Current recommendations

There are no longer covid-19 restrictions in Denmark, but in some areas there are recommendations which you can get an overview of on this page.

The health authorities also recommend that you follow the general advice and the recommendations aimed at preventing infection.

Measures to prevent infection in nursing homes, the home care and social services involving vulnerable people:

  • To prevent infection in nursing homes etc. the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority on the prevention of infection are followed, as described in the guidance here: Guidance on the prevention of infection with the new coronavirus in nursing homes, housing facilities etc. and in home care (
  • If an employee finds that a resident of nursing homes, residential care facilities and other similar institutions has symptoms of covid-19, the resident should be tested if he or she is in a risk group for a serious course of covid-19 with a view to possible implementation of early treatment. The staff must observe the resident's condition. Employees should use protective equipment.
  • In the event of infection in nursing homes, the Danish Health Authoritys recommendations on prevention of infection are followed, as described in the pamphlet here: Guidance on prevention of infection with the new coronavirus in nursing homes, housing facilities, etc. and in home care (in Danish) Vejledning om forebyggelse af smitte med ny coronavirus på plejehjem, botilbud mv. og i hjemmeplejen (
  • If a resident in home care is found to be positive for covid-19, contact is made with a doctor, regarding the decision on tablet treatment. Tablet treatment must be initiated within the first 5 days after infection. The citizen's own doctor can prescribe the treatment or refer to the relevant hospital department. During weekends/holidays, the medical service/1813 can be contacted.

In addition, there is a general recommendation to follow the Danish Health Authority’s advice on how to prevent infection and it is encouraged that there should remain a focus on staying home when ill, cleaning, airing out and maintaining high levels of hygiene at social services offers with vulnerable people.

There are still some measures to prevent infection in place for this area.

  • It is recommended that people with respiratory symptoms use masks when staying in waiting rooms in the healthcare system. However, this does not generally apply to children under the age of 12 or people who for medical or other reasons are prevented from using masks.

You can also read the Danish Health Authority’s Guidelines for managing covid-19 in the healthcare system (In Danish).

There are no longer any specific recommendations for workplaces.

Special information for vulnerable people at workplaces:

The vast majority of people in the high-risk group can go to work as normal if the Danish Health Authority’s measures for preventing infection can be complied with at the workplace.

If you are at particular risk and, for example, work at a location with a high risk of infection or which has a combination of risk factors such as certain chronic illnesses, obesity or if you are pregnant, it may be necessary to take special precautions.

If needed, you can contact your doctor at the hospital or your own doctor to get a specific assessment of your risk at the workplace.

You can also talk to your employer about whether there needs to be made any changes to your work tasks or working conditions so that infection is prevented as much as possible and so that you can feel safe when going to work.

If you are in doubt about conditions at workplaces and your rights, etc. you can get advice from trade unions or the like.

There are no restrictions on transportation.

There are no requirements to wear masks at Danish airports but please note that some European airports still require them. You should also investigate whether your airline requires mask to be worn onboard the planes.

When travelling to and from Denmark

Travelling to Denmark

If you are not a Danish national or a resident of Denmark, different rules apply for entering Denmark depending on your vaccine status and the country you are arriving from.

Travel out of Denmark

Information and guidelines from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark regarding travelling out of Denmark.

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