Infected with coronavirus

On this page you will find general questions and answers about what to do if get infected with coronavirus.

Questions and answers about being infected with coronavirus

Updated: 8 December 2022

There are no longer recommendations for self-isolation in the event of a positive test. But you are recommended to stay at home if you are sick until you are well again, so that you do not infect others. If your test is positive, but you do not feel sick, you do not need to stay at home.

The National Board of Health recommends that you follow the infection prevention advice, regardless of whether you feel sick or not.

In this connection, staying at home means that you avoid close and long-term contact with others and thus do not attend work, leisure activities or social events, and that children do not attend school, day care etc. This means in particular that you are not with the elderly and the chronically ill, who are more susceptible to infectious diseases. You don't have to isolate yourself completely in your home.

The same isolation recommendations apply to children as to adults.

The health authorities recommend that you wait a month after recovering from illness before being vaccinated.

If you are infected with covid-19, have symptoms, and are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill, you may be able to get treatment with antiviral pills.

If you meet all three criteria below, you may be able to get treatment:

  • Positive PCR test for covid-19
  • Symptoms of covid-19 for maximum 5 days
  • In risk of becoming seriously ill from covid-19 because of the following:
    • You are 80 years or older, regardless of vaccinations status
    • You are not vaccinated, and you are between 65 and 79 years old
    • You are not vaccinated, and you are between 18 and 64 years old and in risk of becoming seriously ill from covid-19
    • You are vaccinated, below the age of 80 but with several different serious diseases, which together increase your risk of a serious covid-19 course of illness

Your doctor determines whether you are in the target group for treatment with antiviral pills. If you think you may be in the target group, it is important that you contact your doctor as soon as you have received your positive PCR test result, as treatment must be given within 5 days of experiencing covid-19 symptoms.

The Danish Health Authority recommends antiviral pills to those who will benefit the most from them.

The Danish Health Authority’s recommendations are based on an assessment of which persons may benefit the most from treatment with antiviral pills, which outweigh the risk of both known and unknown side effects.

The Danish Health Authority assesses that the benefits outweigh the risks for people who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill and hospitalized. People who are not in increased risk of severe illness and hospitalization are not recommended to use antiviral pills, as they are not considered to benefit from the treatment.

The recommendations on treatment with antiviral pills will be adjusted as the Danish Health Authority will get more knowledge.

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