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On this page you will find questions and answers about the Danish corona passport app.

Questions about the corona passport app

Updated: 4 April 2022

Please note, that these questions are relevant to Danish residents only.

Corona passport is no longer required in Denmark. However, public hospitals, nursing homes and social services may require corona passport when visiting.

Private organizations/cultural institutions and companies are allowed to require that guests, customers and employees present a negative test or must wear a face mask/visor. The requirements must not be discriminatory.

There are three possible ways to get a valid corona passport in the corona passport app:

  • Negative test. Negative PCR-test or antigen test.
  • Immunity: A positive result of a PCR test lasting a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 5 months old from the time the test was performed.
  • Completed vaccination: A vaccination course with two doses is considered complete immediately after the final dose. A vaccination course with one dose is considered for 14 days after this single dose. An initiated vaccination course also gives you a valid corona passport. A vaccination course against covid-19 is considered to have started at least 14 days and at most 42 days after the first dose.

The corona passport app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The app can be installed on Android phones (with operating system Android 5 or higher) and iPhones (with operating system iOS 9 or higher).

You set up yourself in the app using your NemID ot MitID. Next, select a 4-digit PIN, and you can choose whether or not to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition features on future occasions when logging into your corona passport.

The corona passport app was developed and is designed specifically to show and scan corona passports, in contrast to existing solutions, such as the MinSundhed app, which serves a broader purpose and collects multiple health details.

The corona passport app collects information about vaccinations, testing status and immunity from previous infection in a single user-friendly solution, the design of which means that it basically displays a few or no personal details about the user. Additionally, the app only shows the valid corona passport, and the passport will automatically disappear if you no longer meet the requirements for a valid corona passport. There is therefore no need to show ID when presenting your corona passport in the app.

The corona passport app also includes a scanning function that can read the QR code in the corona passport which enables it to be used to verify the corona passport on other smartphones. At the same time, the new app enables quickly verifying whether a passport is valid, either by visual inspection or by scanning the passport.

It will still be possible to use other existing corona passport solutions such as the MinSundhed app and to show a valid corona passport.

Two types of tests are used in the public testing system: PCR testing and rapid antigen testing (RAT). Both tests are included in the corona passport app. Results from saliva tests are also included.

You can find your nearest covid-19-testcentre here

Tests taken at educational institutions or workplaces and reported by professional staff will also be registered and included in the corona passport.

At present, home tests taken by individuals are not included in the corona passport and will not be able to activate a valid corona passport.

Positive antibody tests are also currently unable to activate a valid corona passport.

All citizens with a NemID or MitID and an Apple or Android smartphone can use the coronapas app. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from the requirement for corona passes in Denmark.

If you are travelling, you can see your children's test results (or vaccination if they are up to 12 years old) in the European corona passport. Read more about it here (in Danish):

Coronapas på rejsen

If you get symptoms of covid-19 and feel sick, you are advised to stay home until you are well again. You are not recommended to be tested unless you are at increased risk of developing a severe course with covid-19. Read more about test recommendations here:

Test for covid-19

There are two ways to have your corona passport app checked. This will vary from one place to another.

  1. Visual inspection: You show your corona passport (which will shine green) to the passport checker.
  2. Scanned inspection: You show your corona passport (which will shine green) and the passport checker scans the QR code.

With the corona passport app, you may not use screenshots for the verification process. You must log into the app every time your corona passport needs be checked. You can unlock the app using your PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition. Your corona passport will disappear automatically when you no longer meet the criteria for a valid corona passport.

Test results are reported on an ongoing basis, and you will be able to use the corona passport app once your test result has been reported.

If you have taken a PCR test, you will usually receive your test result within 24 hours. If you have taken a rapid antigen test (RAT) you will usually receive your test result within 15-30 minutes.

If you have taken a rapid antigen test (RAT), you can use the documentation you receive from the test provider as a corona passport (such as a text message) in the meantime.

Statens Serum Instituts' website provides a list of the test providers who report test results to SSI and the corona passport app.

Go to the website of Statens Serum Instituts (Danish)

If you have previously tested positive for covid-19 in a PCR test, you can get a corona immunity passport. You will not be able to see your corona immunity passport until 11 days after the date on which your positive covid-19 test was taken.

You will have access to your corona immunity passport if you have a positive PCR test result that is between 11 days and 5 months old.

After your first vaccination, 14 days must pass before you can use your commenced vaccination as a valid corona passport. Therefore, during these 14 days, you must continue to have a negative test result in order to obtain a valid corona passport.

Once you are fully vaccinated, your vaccination will serve as a valid corona passport immediately after you have been fully vaccinated.

If you think that your vaccination information contains errors, please contact the regional hotlines at:

  • Copenhagen Capital Region: (+45) 38 66 00 00
  • Region Zealand: (+45) 70 20 42 22
  • Region of Southern Denmark: (+45) 99 44 07 17
  • North Denmark Region: (+45) 97 64 84 63
  • Central Denmark Region: (+45) 70 23 24 15

If you are in a multi-dose vaccination process and you do not receive your second jab within 42 days after receiving your first, your corona passport will cease to be valid. Therefore, you must be tested to be eligible for a valid corona passport until you get your second vaccination.

If you experience errors or problems with the app, you can contact’s support staff by emailing [email protected] or calling (+45) 32 42 03 03.

You can use your corona passport app when travelling – both in the EU and outside EU, but you should be aware that each country might have different entry requirements that you are responsible for complying with. If you have more questions about using the corona passport app when travelling, read here (in Danish):

Coronapas på rejsen

The corona passport app has been developed to support travel abroad both inside and outside the EU, which is why the app will still be able to be used after the phasing out of the app for domestic use.

The information in the corona passport is stored in the corona passport app on the phone itself. Besides this, your health data will only be stored in central health registers.

Scanned results are not stored in the app nor with the passport checker who scans the app’s QR code. The checker can briefly see on his/her scanner whether your corona passport is valid (the checker can see the information for a maximum of 120 seconds). If you have chosen to display your name and date of birth (this can be switched on/off in the app), the checker will also be able to see this information on their scanner. The information is not stored on the checker’s smartphone or alternative scanning device.

The corona passport app is secure to use. The app development process has been keenly focused on security.

Among other things, a comprehensive security test of the app was conducted by an internationally recognised IT security company.

In addition, when the app development process was launched, a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) was prepared to describe the risks relating to user data and the measures applied to mitigate these risks.

Statens Serum Institut is the data controller for the app, as the agency has regulatory responsibility for the Danish Vaccination Register (DDV) and the Microbiology Database (MiBA), which supply data to the solution.

Denmark’s Health Data Agency (Sundhedsdatastyrelsen) is responsible for developing, managing and maintaining the corona passport app and is thus the data processor for the app.

Read more about the app’s personal data processing here (in Danish)

The corona passport app was jointly developed by the following Danish ministries and agencies as part of Denmark’s efforts to combat covid-19: the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Statens Serum Institut, Health Data Agency, Agency for Digitisation, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

Netcompany A/S, an IT digitisation partner and service provider, developed the app on behalf of Denmark’s health authorities and the Agency for Digitisation. In addition, Trifork, an IT and business service provider, developed the web service that links the relevant databases to the app.

The scanner function in the coronapas app can work without you logging in. It can be used to read and check other corona passes by scanning the QR code. The app works on mobile phones that have a camera or a professional scanner that uses image recognition.

If you are already logged in to your app, it is currently not possible to scan other people's corona passes without being logged in, as the app does not have a log out function.

Yes. The corona passport app can be used both online and offline. You do not need an internet connection to view or scan a corona passport in the corona passport app.

No. In the corona passport app you can only see if a corona passport is valid or not. It is therefore not possible to check whether a user is exempted via the corona passport app.

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