On this page you will find general questions and answers about vaccination against covid-19.

Questions about vaccines

Updated: 30 November 2022

People aged 50 years and over will be offered vaccination.

People aged under 50 who are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 will also be offered vaccination against covid-19.

Staff in the healthcare and elderly care sector as well as in selected parts of the social services sector who have close contact with patients or citizens who are at higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19 will also be offered booster vaccination against covid-19.

In addition, we recommend that relatives of persons at particularly higher risk accept the offer of vaccination to protect their relatives who are at particularly higher risk.

We have achieved very high population immunity in Denmark. This is due both to the high adherence to the vaccination programme and to many people previously having been infected with covid-19. However, we expect that this immunity will gradually decrease over time. In addition, we know that covid-19 is a seasonal disease and that the number of infections are expected to increase during autumn and winter.

We expect that a large part of the population will become infected with covid-19 during the autumn, and we therefore want to vaccinate those having the highest risk so that they are protected from severe illness if they become infected.

Nursing home residents and people aged 85 and over are offered vaccination from mid-September.

For others, the vaccination programme against covid-19 will began on 1 October 2022.

People aged under 50 who are at higher risk of becoming severely ill are recommended vaccination against covid-19. This may, for example, be people who have a severely impaired immune system.

Read more here: Vaccination of people aged under 50 (

If you are offered vaccination based on your age, you will receive an invitation in e-Boks/ You will be offered vaccination against covid-19, influenza and pneumococci. For nursing home residents, there will be a special offer of local vaccination without appointment.

If you are in the target group for vaccination based on your illness/condition or your work, you will not receive an invitation. When the programme starts on 1 October, you can instead either:

  • Fill in a solemn declaration and booking an appointment for vaccination on If you are in doubt about whether you are in the target group for vaccination, you can fill in a guiding questionnaire, which is also available on, and then book an appointment if you are in the target group.
  • Talk to your doctor, who can set up a vaccination process at for you with the vaccines you are offered. You can then book an appointment yourself. In some cases, your doctor will be able to vaccinate you immediately.

If you are a healthcare professional or elderly care worker or employed in selected parts of the social services sector, your workplace can inform you about whether they offer vaccination of their staff.

The purpose of the vaccination programme is to prevent severe illness, hospitalisation and death. Therefore, people at the highest risk of becoming severely ill will be offered booster vaccination. The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with covid-19, and people aged under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination.

People aged under 50 are generally not at particularly higher risk of becoming severely ill from covid-19. In addition, younger people aged under 50 are well protected against becoming severely ill from covid-19, as a very large number of them have already been vaccinated and have previously been infected with covid-19, and there is consequently good immunity among this part of the population.

It is important that the population also remembers the guidance on how to prevent the spread of infection, including staying at home in case of illness, frequent aeration or ventilation, social distancing, good coughing etiquette, hand hygiene and cleaning.

Yes. From 15 November 2022, citizens who are not offered free vaccination can buy a variant-updated booster vaccination. These are provided by general practitioners, pharmacies and private providers.

Previously, it was possible to buy vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but now Pfizer's Cominarty vaccine and Moderna's SpikeVax vaccine are released for vaccination at own expense. Both are approved variant-updated BA.1 vaccines, which the Danish Health Authority assesses as effective vaccines.

Fore more information go to 'vaccination'.

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