Hospital capacity and treatment

The use of flexible capacity within healthcare and drug roll-out.

Current level of epidemic management

  • Flexible capacity utilisation of regional local contingency plans.
  • Regional focus on competency courses that ensure the necessary competencies in the areas of anaesthesia and intensive care.
  • Treatment of the elderly and vulnerable with antiviral tablet therapy, which can also alleviate pressure on hospitals.
  • Agreed in the economic agreement between the Danish Regions and the Government for 2023 that the regions will ensure that there are still contingency plans, including how to ensure sufficient staff in areas of anaesthesia and intensive care.

Escalation of epidemic management

  • Regional contingency plans are activated. Activation of contingency plans for a longer period of time could lead to a backup.
  • The regions have drawn up detailed plans for how intensive care capacity in case of increasing need can be increased incrementally to up to a total number of 450 and 600 intensive beds, as well as overall plans for the establishment of up to 800 intensive care beds.
  • Possibility of reactivation of the agreement (from December 2021) between the Government, KL and Danish Regions that the municipalities will be able to relieve the hospital system for a period of time.

Recommendations from the health authorities

  • The health authorities are of the opinion that there is a need for systematic and real-time monitoring of the number of admissions due to severe covid-19 disease.
  • The regions continue to have contingency plans for capacity at hospitals, including intensive care capacity that can be initiated on an ongoing basis if the need for admissions due to covid-19 increases.
  • An increasing number of admissions due to covid-19 or other infectious diseases may result in the need for prioritisation and postponement of other treatment in hospitals.
  • At the same time, antiviral tablets for home use in the not-so-distant future are considered to have a greater impact on epidemic management, as the treatment is expected to prevent hospitalisation.

8 focus areas of the strategy

Hospital capacity and treatment