Measures on entry and exit restrictions

Launched to delay the introduction and spread of worrisome virus variants.

Current level of epidemic management

  • Monitoring the infection situation at home and abroad, including the occurrence of worrisome virus variants.
  • Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Covid-19 Travel Restrictions.
  • Guidelines for Danish travellers on other countries' covid-19 restrictions, e.g. via the covid-19 websites for Danish embassies.

Escalation of epidemic management

  • Enabling 'emergency brakes' for worrisome virus variants that impose restrictions on entry and that all travel to countries with worrisome virus variants is discouraged (red travel advisory). Emergency brake application can be done within about 36 hours.
  • Possibility of reintroducing general requirements for testing and isolation upon entry into Denmark on the basis of a recommendation from the health authorities.
  • Possibility to reintroduce travel advisories based on covid-19 to reduce travel and thus limit infection imports.
  • The reintroduction of entry restrictions will require, among other things, that a majority of the Danish Parliament's Epidemic Committee does not speak out against the introduction.

Recommendations from the health authorities

  • The health authorities are of the opinion that measures on entry and exit are not relevant for the basic level of epidemic management.
  • International developments are closely monitored, and in the case of worrying international developments, it may again become relevant to introduce entry and exit measures.
  • The measures can be included together with several measures in a concerted effort aimed at delaying the introduction and spread of new worrisome variants.

8 focus areas of the strategy

Measures on entry and exit