Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and gambling arcades

Questions and answers for owners of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, gambling arcades etc.

Extended COVID-19 measures

All national measures have been extended until the end of 5 April 2021.

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Questions and answers

Questions and answers for owners of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, gambling arcades etc. Updated: 8 February 2021.


 It is still possible to sell takeaway food and drinks, but not for on-site consumption.

No. Discotheques, nightclubs and the like must stay closed.

No. Premises for sports, recreational and club activities and premises for cultural activities must stay closed. This also means that it is not possible to serve food or drinks at such premises during this period.

Hotels, including hotel lobbies, can stay open. However, restaurants, cafes or bars at hotels serving food, drinks or tobacco for on-site consumption must stay closed. However, it is still possible to sell takeaway food and drinks (but not for on-site consumption) and to order room service during that period.

No, the restrictions apply to all establishments selling food, drinks or tobacco for on-site consumption. Accordingly, the restrictions may also apply to bars and pubs. It is determined based on an assessment of the specific circumstances whether the venue is considered to be an establishment selling food etc.

Yes, they can stay open, but only to sell takeaway food and drinks.

Yes. Workplace and institution canteens can serve food to employees. This also applies in case the canteen is operated by an independent contractor.

Workplace canteens to which only employees are admitted are not deemed to be restaurants, and the requirement to wear a face mask or shield does not apply at the canteen.

The Danish Health Authority's recommendations should be observed in those situations 

Canteens to which members of the public are admitted, such as canteens at educational institutions and workplace canteens also open to outsiders not affiliated with the workplace, are considered to be restaurants if the food and drinks are consumed at the location. In such cases, the canteen must stay closed to the public.

Yes. Hotels are allowed to stay open.

It is normally prohibited to organise or attend events, activities etc. with more than five people at or in a hotel. However, if an event etc. is attended only by members of the same household or only by persons who are all each other's closest relatives, up to 10 people can attend simultaneously.

Special rules apply to hotel facilities open to the public. For further details, see